City Commissioned A Technical Study Of PHGC Land As A Park

The city commissioned a technical study of PHGC land as a park. It does a very good job making the case for why it would be a much welcomed addition to the city parks system as high density growth kicks into high gear around the property, particularly at the 40th and Colorado Commuter Rail Station within a 10 minute walk of the future parkland.

Some quotes:

“An analysis of existing park acreage shows that all three statistical neighborhoods (Northeast Park Hill, Clayton and Elyria-Swansea) are far below national and City averages for park acres per capita”

“The Park Hill Golf Course site presents a unique opportunity to address gaps in the existing parks and recreation system”.

“Few sites within the City & County of Denver allow for the development of large new parks, open space and recreational facilities, especially in areas that are currently underserved and identified as “High Need” by the City”

“In order to meet the national average of 13 acres per 1,000, the City would need to increase total park acres to 274.8 within the three neighborhoods, an increase of 183.5 acres. The Park Hill Golf Course site can help advance toward those goals” — see the attached report below.

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