What Is Clayton Early Learning and Why Does It Own Park Hill Golf Club?

Parks and open-space advocates — including former Denver mayor Wellington Webb — were dismayed to learn that the now-shuttered Park Hill Golf Club will be sold to developers. The current owner is set to close a deal with Westside Investment Partners on July 11.

Neither side has announced particular development plans. The deal is wrapped up in a mess of pending litigation between the city and golf club operator Arcis Golf, and the land is currently subject to a conservation easement agreed to in 1997 that prohibits development. Still, advocates fear that the move could turn 155 acres of rolling green grass into housing complexes, office buildings and retail space.

The land that makes up Park Hill Golf Club is part of the George W. Clayton Trust, which is managed by Clayton Early Learning — a nonprofit that isn’t in the business of golf, open space or real estate, but serves low-income children and is a well-regarded preschool and educational research institute. And it’s on the hunt for more funds.


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