Jeff Fard and Ken Ho Interview

Jeff Fard interviews Ken Ho from Westside Development regarding the Park Hill Golf Course. Also appearing in the video are Norman Harris and Ty Hubbard who represent The Holleran Group who have joined the redevelopment ownership team. Oct 23 2020

1 thought on “Jeff Fard and Ken Ho Interview

  1. Follow the money. Disingenuous arrogance of developers telling the community what is better for them.
    Talking about redlining! What about the historic redlining of parks and open space I working class and historically Black and Latino communities? What about healthy outdoor spaces to breathe?
    Same fairytale sales job happening with Oread Capital trying to buy the 100-year old 235-acre Westminster Farm! Coming telling us we need more stack-and-pack houses for Millennials and not open space. This historically Latino and working class community area has has one tiny patch “park” next to the US 36 hi-way sound barrier!
    If they care about “community” go build on some of the distressed shopping plazas and soon to be vacant office buildings.
    Keep up the fight to save open space!


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