Denver Democrats vote to support Park Hill Golf Course preservation


The 155-acre Park Hill Golf Course land was sold to a developer for $24 million in July. KUSA-9News

On Saturday, the Democratic Party of Denver’s central committee called on the Denver city council to protect the conservation easement of Park Hill Golf Course. More than 90% of members voted in favor of a resolution calling for the golf course’s preservation.

“With this vote urging City Council to protect and preserve the conservation easement, we are one step closer to our goal to one day see this become a regional park,” said Harry Doby of Save Open Space Denver.

Last July, Westword chronicled how the 155-acre parcel of land fell into the hands of a developer for $24 million. The city council is charged with deciding whether to lift the conservation easement that preserves the open space.

The developer, Westside Investment Partners, plans to initiate a “community visioning process” for the site before making any changes.

A press release from Save Open Space Denver reported that the Democratic committee members were “unequivocal” in the belief that once open space is lost, it is gone forever.

“Our county platform calls for us to expand and preserve Denver’s parks, wetlands, and green and open spaces,” said committee member Owen Perkins. “And our state platform affirms that the health of our land, air, and water — and the health of future generations — cannot be bought and sold.”



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