CPD Small Area Plan and Westside’s Rezoning Application

CPD Puts its PHGC Small Area Plan and Westside’s Companion Rezoning Application on the October 19 Planning Board Agenda

The Community Planning and Development Department  [CPD] and its “client” Westside Investment Partners remain hellbent on developing the Park Hill Golf Course land despite its conservation easement that prevents development and the strict Colorado conservation easement statute that requires a court order before the conservation easement could be terminated, released, extinguished or abandoned.  Now CPD has decided to seek Planning Board approval both for CPD’s sham Small Area Plan and for Westside’s companion rezoning application at a Public Hearing on October 19 starting at 3 p.m.  People can attend and comment either in person in the Webb Building or online.  Links will soon be posted on this website regarding how and when to attend and comment online.

Here’s what they’re trying to greenlight in this Planning Board Public Hearing despite the perpetual conservation easement:  at least 55 acres of dense residential and commercial buildings on the west side of the land with building heights from 4 to 12 stories that would create a canyon wall along Colorado Boulevard and block all views to the west from what would remain as open space.


CPD Small Area Plan 

Westside Rezoning Application


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