As you know, the City is not going to stop pushing mixed use development on the Park Hill Golf Course land.  In fact, the City’s Community Planning and Development Department (CPD) is basically ignoring our victory on 301 last November and continuing to present mixed-use development as what people want for that land.  

CPD has been working for over year hand-in-hand with Westside and the city’s hand-picked steering committee members to undo the November 2021 vote to preserve the conservation easement protecting the PHGC land from development.  Their sales and marketing campaign’s next step is to hold an open house this coming Thursday, June 30th, to reveal to the public their designs to count the flood control detention area as “park space”, cut down hundreds of trees, pave new roads, and build 8 to 12 story mixed use towers that will line Colorado Blvd, adding over 4,000 apartments and 10,000 new residents, before even conducting a traffic survey.  They want to solicit public comments, and hold an in-person meeting at the PHGC club house.  We want you to tell them that when 2/3rds of Denver voters tell them NO to development, we mean it!

Here is a short document that provides more details on why we need a full service, regional park in this location, as high-density development is coming already within walking distance of the property.

You can leave your comments here today:   https://www.denvergov.org/Government/Agencies-Departments-Offices/Agencies-Departments-Offices-Directory/Community-Planning-and-Development/Planning/Plans-in-Progress/Park-Hill-Golf-Course

We also expect CPD will publish a survey linked to the drawings online next week as well.  We’ll publish that information in a followup mailing.

WE NEED YOU to remind CPD that we will continue to call BS on this sham process.  They plan to put this to another vote in the coming months, so your continuing support is VITAL to this fight!  Also, please share this information with your fellow supporters of 301! Thank you!

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