David won Park Hill battle, will Goliath win war?

By Wellington Webb | Guest Commentary Denver Post 12-14-21

It’s not often we hear about, much less participate in, a real-time David versus Goliath battle where David emerges as the victor.

Denver experienced this in the Nov. 2 election, when voters passed Initiative 301 and defeated Initiative 302. A small group of activists who believed in protecting the conservation easement — established more than 20 years ago on the old Park Hill golf course — took on big developers, the city and members of City Council. Voters sent a strong message that green space matters and neighborhoods do have a voice.

Outspent nearly 7 to 1, the Yes on 301 and No on 302 campaigns to protect green space from becoming 155 acres of concrete, won with 64% of the vote with the people of Denver choosing green over concrete.


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