Denver citizens overwhelmingly support additional protections for parks and open space

DENVER, CO (June 22, 2021) The YES for Parks and Open Space ballot committee received notice of sufficiency today from the Clerk and Recorders office, confirming that their initiative has secured a spot on the November 2nd ballot.


“This is great news for us and great news for Denver,” said Penfield Tate, leader of the YES for Parks and Open Space initiative. “Ensuring protection for park land and open space in this city is something that every citizen should have a voice in – and our “Green” initiative gives them that voice. There is a very clear choice for Denver voters, green space versus concrete and asphalt. Now, onto a victory in November!” 

The YES initiative language is simple:

“Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver adopt a measure prohibiting the following without the approval of voters in a regularly scheduled municipal or special election:

  • any commercial or residential development on land designated as a city park and land protected by a City-owned conservation easement except where consistent with park purposes, conservation easement purposes, or for cultural facilities, and
  • any partial or complete cancellation of a City-owned conservation easement unless for the purpose of creating a new park?”

YES for Parks and Open Space submitted well over 14,000 petition signatures, well beyond the 8,265 needed to make the November ballot.

About YES for Parks and Open Space

YES for Parks and Open Space is an initiative launched by a group of concerned citizens who want to ensure that the voters in the City and County of Denver have a voice in how the land in our designated parks and open spaces – protected by city-owned conservation easements – can be used. ###

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