Park Hill Golf Course Area Visioning Process

The Denver Department of Community Planning and Development will hold the first meeting of the Community Steering Committee for the “Park Hill Golf Course Area Visioning Process” on February 9, 2021, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. This virtual webinar via Zoom will be open for members of the public to observe, but CPD will not allow public participation. Attendees must register in advance at .

One thought on “Park Hill Golf Course Area Visioning Process

  1. In the first Steering Committee for Visioning for the Park HIll Golf Course, we heard an exhaustive rehearsal by Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler about bias, almost entirely from a black perspective despite the wide mix of races in Park HIll. The bias that worried me, however, was something that the City Planner David Gaspers said. He referred to the Park Hill Golf Course as a “former golf course.” I drive by this property several times per week. From all bordering streets, it seems to be a golf course. Nothing has been done to dismantle the features that make it a golf course. It is just not operating. And that is a good question. Why is it NOT still operating as a golf course? It is, after all, a golf course. Why did the city not make it a requirement of the sale that Westside continue to operate the property in a way that benefited the City and County of Denver residents? I think Mr. Gaspers could in the future simply call it what it is, a “golf course” and not a former golf course. We have not made a decision to turn the golf course into something else. If the City has, we need to know that now rather than lose precious time in an empty exercise.

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