Save Open Space Denver Calls for City Council to Protect PHGC Conservation Easement

For Immediate Release

Denver, July 11, 2019 – Save Open Space Denver has been fighting to preserve the last remaining sizable parcel of green space remaining in the heart of Park Hill.  Today’s abrupt deal by local developer Westside Investment Partners to purchase Park Hill Golf Course land raises many questions. Why would a private company make a highly risky, speculative purchase of a property zoned as Open Space that is protected by a $2 million perpetual conservation easement?  In order for this deal to be profitable to Westside, the city council will surely face intense pressure to terminate the conservation easement which protects the land from development. If that succeeds, then the next battle will be over rezoning — without which Westside will have the opportunity to own a wonderful private park or golf course. With many alternative industrial properties near this land ripe for redevelopment into high density housing and retail, it is a false choice to say we must sacrifice open space to development.

Mayor Hancock and Denver Parks and Recreation acknowledge the health benefits provided by green space in the city’s core. Former Mayor Wellington Webb has called for citizens to demand the whole property remain open space, without “splitting the baby”. SOS Denver will continue to fight to protect the legally indivisible conservation easement and oppose any zoning changes that would permit the destruction of this green space.

“Whether it’s a park or a golf course, preserving the Park Hill Golf Course land is of great value to all Denverites. This last large parcel of tree-filled open space in Denver improves air quality and enhances the lungs of the city along with the health and well-being of all its citizens. And, if the underutilized properties around the golf course were repurposed for affordable housing, new residents would have access to all the benefits and joys of living near open space. Preserving the Park Hill Golf Course land is truly a win-win solution for the needs of the Denver community.”   — Georgia Garnsey, Park Hill resident, author and parks activist.

Save Open Space Denver is an all-volunteer community action group determined to effect public policy change in favor of combating the loss of environmentally beneficial open space.

Contact: Harry Doby
Phone: 303-870-0494

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