INC Parks and Recreation Survey of the Candidates

In February the Parks and Recs Committee developed a series of questions that flowed from the PARC platform.

The questions are below.

1. What is your name please and what office and district are you running for?

2. If you were appointing the Executive Director of Parks and Recreation Department, what education and previous experience would you expect the person to have?

3. Will you support an ordinance moving OS-A zoning from the Ex. Director of Parks back to City Council? If not, why?

4. What would you consider is adequate green space for high density development, for example Elitchs? What steps would you take to ensure the zoning requirement for green space is adequate?

5. The use of recycled water in Denver parks appears to be causing the premature loss of many mature evergreens. Is that an acceptable trade-off for accommodating more population growth or should the city spend money to untie remediation measures to save those legacy trees? Explain your answer.

6. What would you do to protect and enhance waterways going through Denver?

7. What aspect(s) of INC Parks and Rec Urban Platform do you support?

INC PARC Survey Of The Candidates

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