Position Statement from Save Open Space Denver

Regarding the Open Space and Recreational Future of the Park Hill Golf Course Land:

For the third time since November of 2021 (yes 301 and no 302 and no 2 O), voters in the City and County of Denver have sent a decisive message in overwhelming fashion that they wish to guarantee the open space and recreational future of the Park Hill Golf Course land.  As the leaders of this multi-year fight, Save Open Space Denver feels it is our responsibility to lay out the principles that should guide any future discussions regarding this invaluable land.  We expect the following:

  1. That future City leaders will respect and honor the conservation easement and its conservation purposes of providing open space and recreation to the people of Denver
  2. That open space and recreation are the ONLY legal and appropriate uses for this land
  3. If Westside Investment Partners chooses not to re-open golf operations, that City leaders will facilitate the City’s purchase of the property for a designated city park at its fair market value (as encumbered by the easement) by using funds from the Referred Measure 2A 0.25% sales tax revenues
  4. That the newly elected Mayor engage a wide range of unpaid Denver community volunteers in a measured and thoughtful planning process to define a broad outline of features and amenities that will activate the land consistent with the conservation easement’s open space and recreational purposes
  5. That the outgoing administration will respect the next administration’s ability to fully take on this once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen our parks system by refraining from any type of intervention in this process before July 17
  6. That full appraisals of the property will be conducted to determine its fair market value both with the conservation easement in place and without the conservation easement in place
  7. That the incoming administration will comply with state law in its future dealings with the protected land
  8. That the newly elected Mayor and City Council will repeal the small area plan approved on December 5, 2022, in accordance with the voters’ rejection of Measure 2 O