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North Denver, Commerce City exposed to highest levels of pollutant particles in state in late spring

By Seth Klamann, Denver Gazette Aug 26 2021 Residents in North Denver and Commerce City had the highest levels of fine particle pollution of anywhere in Denver or any city in Colorado during the past three months, data collected by the state shows. The exposure risked the health of some residents. The state Department of … Continue reading

There’s a shady (and leafy) divide between Denver’s whiter, wealthier neighborhoods and everyone else

Trees and green spaces can make people healthier and happier, but maps show communities of color and low-income neighborhoods across the city have less access to shade. By Olivia Prentzel The Colorado Sun Summer days are for shady strolls down a tree-lined street and picnics under a canopy of leaves. But how many trees — … Continue reading

Two Park Hill Golf Course initiatives are on the Denver ballot this fall. Here’s what each one would do

This writer has written a powerful and accurate piece – sosdenver Why is this so confusing?? By Rebecca Spiess The Denverite 7/28/2021 Developer Westside Investment Partners, which bought what used to be Park Hill Golf Course in 2019, got a measure approved for the November ballot on Tuesday. It’s a counter-measure to an initiative submitted … Continue reading

Citizen Initiated Ordinance Park and Open Space Preservation

Approved 12-21-20 BALLOT TITLE Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver adopt a measure prohibiting the following without the approval of voters in a regularly scheduled municipal or special election: any commercial or residential development on land designated as a city park and land protected by a City-owned conservation easement except where … Continue reading

Citizen Initiated Ordinance – Westside Investment Partners

CITIZEN INITIATED ORDINANCE APPROVED 6-8-2021 City Park Land and City Property Protected by a Conservation Easement Be it enacted by the City and County of Denver: Section 1. The Denver Revised Municipal Code subsection (5) of Sec. 39-191 is amended by adding the language underlined and deleting the language stricken, to read as follows: CHAPTER … Continue reading

Order In The Court!

Order in the Court! The Lawsuit Has Been Filed, 30 minutes with Penfield Tate and Jeff Fard Table of contents 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:13 Interview with Penfield Tate about lawsuit 01:02:43 Discussion about DIA

PHGC, The Last Green Space

The striking photograph taken by Larry Walsh of Northwest Drone Photography shows that PHGC land is the last green space that stands between the NE Park Hill neighborhood and the incredible dense and polluting development


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